Meet the Founder

After witnessing firsthand, the amount of people in India afflicted with typhoid and other preventable illness, the Sharma family created the Aqwalife Foundation to donate clean water systems throughout the country.


“Entrepreneurs face the same challenges as bicyclists – you have to keep moving forward or you fall down.

~ Venkee Sharma

Aqwalife was founded in 2007

By combining pro-bono design expertise and charitable donations, Aqwalife has grown to support communities in need throughout the world. It has been a gratifying 16 years so far, and we look forward to Aqwalife’s impact growing considerably in the face of climate change related water issues.

Today, many of Aqwalife’s volunteers are also employees of Aqwalife’s corporate arm Aquatech LLC (Founded by the late Prem Sharma) and have extensive experience as water treatment engineers.

Aqwalife is truly grateful to have a wonderful database of knowledgeable partners, donors, and volunteers who support our projects from start to finish.