Aqwalife relies on partnering with generous donors and companies with the technology and experience to address clean water scarcity.

Each year Aqwalife hosts and participates in fund raisers to generate awareness and financial support for projects around the world. 

Find out how you can join us in bringing an end to this very preventable problem.  See our latest fundraiser projects HERE.


OffGridBox is a modular and compact unit that provides renewable energy and clean water in remote areas and developing countries.  An all-in-one system that fits entirely inside a shipping container equipped with hardware needed to produce electricity and clean water.

Find out more at OffGridBox all-in-one System


Aqwalife is a proud member of the Blue Planet Network, a program of Thrive Networks, that connect funders, NGO’s, the public and communities in need to improve the planning, selection, management and monitoring of water and sanitation programs. This leads to more lasting impact at lower costs.

Find out more at Blue Planet Network


Aqwalife and WaterAid in Columbia worked on water, sanitation and hygiene projects for Poromana and Santa Cruz schools.  WaterAid has been on a clean water mission for more than 40 years and now plan to reach 400 million more people with  in the next decade.

Find out more at WaterAid – Water for Life

EPA’s WaterSense Program & Partners promote the value of water to help consumers and organizations make smart choices regarding water use and water-using products.  They have been helping the EPA and the world to transform the market for water-efficient products for over the past 16 years.

Find out more at WaterSense – Meets EPA Criteria

Wings of Hope changes and saves lives through the power of aviation.  They are a global humanitarian nonprofit organization that has been helping the world’s most vulnerable communities since 1962. They use wings to connect people to the resources they need to meet their development goals.

Find out more at Wings of Hope – Humanitarian Aviation Organization

Pan Peru is a non-profit organization that promotes the reinforcement of the educational level of children and adolescents in the most disadvantaged areas of the country, combating school dropout, supporting training, raising the professional quality of teachers and promoting maximum parental involvement.


Tarkanfi-Start Walking (TSW), is a nonprofit organization that shares God’s love and hope with marginalized communities in Ethiopia by supporting projects that honor and partner with community groups so that the quality of life improves for all.

Find out more at Tarkanfi-Start Walking.

Numaan is an international non-profit organization founded with the goal of tackling social justice issues from the ground up to reduce inequality and help retain human dignity.

Find out more at Numaanusa.


Unlimited Sis is a youth-centered nonprofit whose mission is to fight period poverty and amplify the mental health dialogue. They provide comprehensive and inclusive menstrual education to raise awareness on mental health stigma.

Find out more at UNLIMITED SIS – Empowering girls, one sanitary pad at a time. Empowering Youth, intentional conversation at a time.