Access to Quality Water Always.

Facilitating the access to clean drinking water, sanitation, and education for global communities in need!

Aqwalife's Impact

Our work is without borders!


Women and children can now focus on attending school instead of worrying about collecting water or facing issues related to sanitation.


Served that now have access to sustainable sources of water and improved sanitation.


Founded in 2007, Aqwalife has been making positive impact for 16 years!


Aqwalife has completed projects in 12 countries and counting!


Sustainable Solutions

We provide access to clean water infrastructure. This refers to the network of facilities, structures, and systems that are designed to collect, treat, store, and distribute safe and clean drinking water to communities. 


All of Aqwalife's projects include an element of education.

Access to education for all, particularly for women and children who spend significant time gathering water, is essential for promoting sustainable development and reducing poverty. Not only does Aqwalife focus on facilitating access to education, but we also promote learning more about waterborne disease prevention and the importance of clean water in communities. 


Facility Provision

Aqwalife proudly supports and funds facilities and services that safely manage human excreta and wastewater in underserved communities.

Colombia Elementary School Teacher

“Now, teachers can focus on providing the best education possible and students can reach their fullest potential not having to worry about collecting water.”

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Partnering for Progress

Aqwalife’s sustainability mission builds on our commitment for meeting or exceeding clean water needs of others while conducting business in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible manner.