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December 22, 2020
March 29, 2017



Thanks to generous donations, Aqwalife Foundation is pleased to announce the completion of two wells in Malawi.  Through a partnership with Charity Water, Aqwalife was able to help provide life-saving water, sanitation and hygiene interventions to communities in Malawi through the drilling of one well and a school piped system with years of aftercare as the communities learn to use the well and system effectively, care for them and general sanitation to ensure a reduction in waterborne illnesses

About Charity Water in Malawi

 Malawi consistently ranks toward the bottom of the Human Development Index, and last year the Malawi government highlighted water at the national level in their development strategy as a major concern hindering economic and social advancement. But that’s all changing— Aqwalife was part of a $1.25 million commitment that helped bring clean water to more than 44,983 people through the construction of 167 clean water projects located in the Mzimba District. Our local partner, World Vision (WV), works with communities to prevent diarrhea and other waterborne diseases by constructing and rehabilitating wells with handpumps, piped water systems, and sanitary facilities. To support their goal of reaching universal water coverage in all WV project areas by 2030, they are working on a district-wide approach in Malawi, achieving universal water coverage and working to make communities open defecation free one-by-one. This approach has proved effective, resulting in stronger relationships with the government and other important development implementers. Since 2012, charity: water has supported World Vision in achieving universal water coverage in 6 Area Programs in the Mzimba District. To date, WV has achieved universal coverage in
one of these areas (Mutchenda) and, thanks to your support, we’re continuing to make significant progress for the people of Malawi.