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November 21, 2022
Pune School System
December 22, 2020

3 Water Filtration Plants in Tribal Villages of Dahanu Taluka,
Palghar District, Maharashtra, India


The ladies wash their clothes from the same water.

AQWALIFE will install 3 Water Filtration Plants at Dahanu Taluka for the better
health and hygiene of the underprivileged tribal community in Vankas, Ambesari
and Sasvand villages in Dahanu Taluka, Palghar District in Maharashtra State in India.

This tribal community is extremely poor and most of them are daily wage workers.
Their every day struggle is so high that they are ignorant about their health and hygiene.
They drink water from the borewells, wells or from any water hole that they make  during the lean months.
Even the animals share the same water from the water holes and the ladies wash their clothes from the same water nearby.


The water filtration plant at Vankas is fully functional and villagers are now aware of the facility and its benefits.
Vankas School’s 700 students use water from the plant installed and the infrastructure is ready in Ambesari and Sasvand.