The Importance of Sustainable Infrastructure

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December 23, 2022
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January 17, 2023

An effective clean-water infrastructure system helps protect the public from waterborne disease, infectious bacteria, and toxic chemicals. The hope of implementing such a system is that the community in which it is placed will have a legacy of well-being and increased welfare. Not only should the community experience long-term benefits, but the infrastructure itself shall be well maintained, modernizable, and sustainable.

Such sustainability and longevity are two important factors Aqwalife Foundation considers when distributing clean water infrastructure and climate change adaptation tools to communities. We work closely with our engineering/design team to ensure a long-lasting, quality product and collaborate with our partner NGOs on the ground to encourage community interaction.

At Aqwalife, we believe that community member engagement and support is vital to the success of our completed projects. A borewell or filtration system that employs residents and adds to the economy, benefits a community in more ways than one. Educating and enabling community members on how to maintain a skid or water filtration system, is something we are truly passionate about.

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