Sanitation & Hygiene: Colombia

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January 12, 2023
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March 15, 2023


In 2020, Aqwalife was called to serve Colombia, particularly the area of La Guajira, via a partnership with WaterAid. The state of the school was something similar to many of the communities Aqwalife had seen and helped in the past. It was blessed with bright students and an incredible community but lacked access to life’s most vital resource.

“The students love to learn, but it is often very difficult as the schools are falling apart and there is no clean water, handwashing stations, or toilets.” -Poromana and Santa Cruz School Teacher

The children were therefore forced to use the two non-functioning toilets out in the open behind the school, and teachers needed to carry heavy buckets of water long distances to the schools each morning just so that the students would have something to drink.

Aqwalife was able to make a lasting impact on the community by providing clean water infrastructure and facilitating education related to waterborne disease. The school is now connected to a piped water supply system that is clean, sustainable, and equitable. The school also has running toilets, handwashing stations, a refurbished kitchen area, and a better learning environment.

 “Now, teachers can focus on providing the best education possible and students can reach their fullest potential, not having to worry about collecting water.”


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