Aqwalife 2023 Projects: Peru

India Clean Water Initiatives
December 17, 2022
Aqwalife, along with Pedro David Espinoza, Pan Peru, and Pan Peru USA plan for the construction of a rainwater retention and infiltration reservoir to increase the supply of water for human consumption, agriculture and livestock in the District of Pampas Grande, Province of Huaraz, Department of Ancash in Peru. This water retention reservoir, or “Chocha” is a small lake or artificial lagoon that is built in natural depressions in the ground. We intend to use materials from the area such as stones and clods of earth to allow rainwater to be stored and then filtered. The implementation of this system associated with other practices (grassland management, replanting of natural pastures, reforestation with native species, among others) favor the collection, storage and infiltration of rainwater, thus improving water supply and ecosystem services from the highlands.
The district of Pampas Grande has 1044 habitants. 356 of which live in the urban
center of the Pampas, while the rest live in the medium and small populated
centers of the rural area.
The goal of this project will be to construct a reservoir with local materials to retain and infiltrate rainwater and/or rain
runoff in order to increase the supply of water and also convene the users of the irrigation water user committees of Pampas
Grande, to coordinate and inform on the construction of the reservoir for the retention and infiltration of rainwater.
All parties will carry out monitoring and maintenance of the reservoir infrastructure
during the rainy season to prevent water discharge.

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